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Alex Von Falassion face by LitrikTournevis Alex Von Falassion face by LitrikTournevis

+++ Access to confidential files +++

File requested by the Inquisitor ********* and compiled by the scribe Monsyllabus.

Thought of the day: « The sword that we sharpen can turn against ourselves. »

Password: ***************

+++ Welcome Inquisitor ******** +++

Access to the data about "Alex Von Falassion aka The Demonborn"


Alex Von Falassion is a Rogue Trader renegade. His story came to us because of a lot of documents detailing his activities, some testimonies and some investigative reports.


However it is possible that these are not really reliable, it's the best I was able to do. Von Falassion is a current member of the VAO (Villains Associated Organization). This organization gave to him a "Heavy Weight" vileness licence, Chaos Class. That allows him to commit his crimes without risk from rivals he has within this Mafia.

Ever since the Ordo Hereticus owns this criminal's files, he has been seen as the most important and highest priority target in the South-East Segmentum Tempestus.


The story of this heretic starts even before his birth. His family was a famous Rogue Traders lineage, but was suffering from genetic degeneration due to an incestuous relation committed a long time ago in its family tree. The men had a short life expectancy, only 30 years more or less, because of a deficient immunity system. They were chronically suffering from infectious diseases.

The father of Alex's name was Will and he was a reliable agent of the Imperium. During his lifetime, he had discovered not less than 3 habitable systems which, since then, the inestimable resources had enriched the Imperium. However, when he was 32 he grew ever more ill, close to death, he knew that his lineage wasn't about to be extinct. His wife was pregnant with a boy.


Despite the good news, Will was described as «disrupted» by his relatives. Indeed, he didn't know if he was about to jump for joy or to cry while thinking about the short and painful life his son would have. Without a doubt, that despair made him draw the attention of the Lord of Plagues, who came unto him in a dream and proposed a deal. At first horrified, Will finally decided to negotiate with him.

The god was surprised because the weak man was undoubtedly hard in driving a bargain. He released nothing. His Rogue Trader intuition led him to be that good in business even while haggling with a God of Chaos. At the end of a night full of disturbed dreams, an agreement was reached. The dying man would give his soul to the god for him to turn into a magnificent bubo-flower that would decorate the Garden of Diseases. In exchange, the Lord of Plagues would make his son immortal and invulnerable to all diseases.


The next morning, Will released his last breath after having confessed to the family priest. At the time, the priest considered these incomprehensible confessions as the psychotic frenzies of a dying man. Then the Inquisition executed him for not having considered them seriously. At the same moment, Alex gave kicks to his mother's womb for the first time, like any healthy foetus would do. A few months later, Alex was born. He was so chubby and healthy that he tore his mother by being born, so badly injured was she that she died.

He became an orphan. He amazed the nurses by his strong constitution and vitality. That hadn't been seen for generations. The fortune of his father, as well as his letters of marque, were put aside. They would wait for the newborn child to come of age so that he could inherit as an adult.


As an orphan, he was confided to the monastery of the Schola Progenium on his home planet, Falassion IV. There, he spent all his childhood and adolescence. He was a brilliant child, just like his father. He was excellent in mind games, however he wasn't very diligent during the Imperial Catechism lessons.

He was reprimanded numerous times for it, but also because he was developing a more and more strange behaviour as he was growing. At the age of 16, he fitted out a hiding place in the garden of the monastery. The teachers discovered it, covered in tens of dead animals in decomposition. Apparently the boy was spending hours there, revelling in the putrid steams and in the appearance of the corpses.


The day he reached the age of majority, he entered in the manor of his family with great fanfare. The servants had prepared his enthronement, who would see him become the owner of all the goods of his father and, above all, his letters of marque. His body and head were shaved to transplant into him cybernetic implants which would allow him to wear the armour of his ancestors with honour. It hadn’t been worn since the damages of the consanguinity had been felt. He recovered from the heavy operation in only two hours, an incredible feat. Even the Astartes of the glorious Emperor (may His name be praised!) recover from this kind of intervention in weeks, not less.

He ordered that the ceremony of his enthronement was made without waiting any longer. They were expecting a new golden age for the Von Falassions' dynasty.

But it's here that everything turns upside down. The facts described here must be taken with a grain of salt because all the witnesses were brought in for processing by the Inquisition. According to it, they were considered corrupt beyond any redemption, either having been locked into asylums, barely good enough for having stammered inconsistent sentences.


He had just taken on the armour and received personally the letter of marque from his most faithful servant, then a green flash of lightning entered the manor. A strange, arched and weak man, had entered and was standing in front of Alex. He immediately recognized his own father. Even if he had never seen him in real life, he had observed for a long time his holo-portrait in the ancient hall. The appearance spoke with a quiet voice but within denoted a certain dementia: «My son, I'm gone but you will live forever! Go see the world, explore the galaxies and come back with wealth, in the name of the Von Falassions, in the name of the only true one that returned glory to our family: NURGLE!»


Then the apparition disappeared, taking Alex with it. The manor was suddenly invaded by horrible demons and venomous climbing plants. The orbital auspex showed that Alex had been teleported to the barge of exploration of his family and made way almost immediately after that for an unknown destination. Since then, almost 50 years have passed, he has reappeared numerous times in the sub-sector and even elsewhere in the Imperium. Always at the head of a legion of Renegades identified as being members of the Death Guard. Sometimes he can also be seen together with some mysterious allied Orks.

There are numerous theories on the deep nature of Alex Von Falassion but the most credible says that this dangerous individual is actually a Demon Prince and that he was like this since the night when his father made a deal with the Lord of Plagues, when he was but a foetus. We do not know if he knew of his nature before the ceremony of enthronement or if he discovered everything at this moment. In any case, he must be considered as extremely dangerous. He does not act as a simple looter, but as an explorer. When he puts foot on a new planet, he always negotiates with its inhabitants to obtain from them a maximum of wealth without violence. It's only if he meets resistance that he uses force. Wherever he goes, cults of the plague appear.

*Thanks to Mademoiselle Ortie and Falassion for the traduction of the original french script*

Nergling Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2015
Yes this is awesome! :D
LitrikTournevis Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Now I make the Falassion's bodyguard. An old school marine that I kustom in Death Guard with a lot of mutation. ^^
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